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"Watching Linda Wemhoff's DVD on Macrobiotics is one of the best ways to learn the art of making enjoyable, healthful meals at home."
-- Bob Carr   
Director: East West Center of Cleveland   

Macrobiotic diet instructors
Macrobiotic diet basics
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Macrobiotics cooking DVD
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Macrobiotic cooking instructors
For a fun, easy way to learn the preparation of Macrobiotics meals, order Linda Wemhoff's, "Cooking for Health and Vitality" DVD.
(Running Time: 82 Minutes)

Linda's DVD is only $19.95
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- A Taste of Health - Holistic and Macrobiotic Educational Vacations - Worldwide resort hotel and cruise vacations featuring vegan and macrobiotic food, lectures by Michio Kushi and other well know holistic and macrobiotic teachers.

Macrobiotic diet basics l Macrobiotics cooking DVD l Macrobiotic recipes l menu plans

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