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"... a macrobiotic diet considers not only what foods are eaten, but also the way in which they are consumed. They should be eaten in well-rounded, balanced meals - meals that can provide our bodies with the kind of complete nourishment that sustains good health."
from Making the Transition to a Macrobiotic Diet   
by Carolyn Heidenry*   

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     Sweden Winter Retreat
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vegetarian cooking menus Sample menu plans

Examples from past Macrobiotic camps & retreats.

Woman's Winter Retreat with Leila - Furusjons Kursgard, Sweden
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Soup: chunky carrot, leek, miso, ginger juice;
G: millet and rice porridge with toasted sunflower seeds;
V: savoy cabbage;

G: nori rolls with brown rice, tahini, umeboshi paste, carrot strips;
P: steamed white fish filets with mustard sauce
V: buttercup squash slices; leek/cabbage saute;
P: red radish pickles;

G: udon noodles;
P: seitan stew with deep fried seitan chunks in sauce of sauteed mushrooms, onions, carrots, parsnips, celery root, leek, miso, thyme, basil, oregano, hato mugi vinegar, tahini;
S: nori tempura with shoyu/garlic dipping sauce;
V: sweet and sour red cabbage; broccoli; corn; fresh salad with dressing;
P: Eden mixed pickles;
D: poached pears with lemon sauce;

Soup: shiitake, onion, rutabaga, miso with garnish;
G: rice and oats porridge with sesame seeds, nori, shiso condiment;
V: cabbage sauteed in a little oil with a few raisins and umeboshi paste;

G: noodle salads with julienned carrots, red radishes, cucumber and corn with olive oil, shoyu, hato mugi vinegar, thyme and black sesame seeds dressing;
P: fried tofu slices with ginger juice;
V: long cooked rutabaga chunks with shiitake; chinese cabbage;
P: red beet pickles;

G: rice and hato mugi barley;
P: azuki beans with buttercup squash, leek, miso, ginger juice;
S: shio kombu;
V: burdock, carrot kinpira; broccoli; fresh salad with silken tofu, white miso, hato mugi vinegar, dill dressing;
P: sauerkraut;
D: strawberry pie with silken tofu cream;

Soup: parsnip, carrot flowers, creamed cauliflower, leek with white miso;
G: steamed bread and rice cakes with
    1) leftover azuki ginger spread;
    2) steamed frozen peas blended with a little white miso spread;
V: buttercup squash slices; chinese cabbage;
P: Eden mixed pickles;

G: rice;
P: seitan shish kebab with rutabaga and broccoli with sauteed onion, tahini, ginger sauce;
V: sweet and sour red cabbage; more broccoli;

G: millet and squash squares with red pepper, miso, ginger juice condiment;
P: deep fried tempeh strips added to sauteed onions and kombu and seasoned with sauerkraut, miso and thyme;
S: hijiki with mustard and chives;
V: corn; savoy cabbage with white miso dressing;
P: red radish pickles;
D: Yannoh 'coffee' kanten with raisins, almonds and orange zest;

Soup: mushrooms, squash, corn, miso with ginger juice and mochi squares;
G: rice porridge with sesame seed garnish;
V: chinese cabbage;

G: CousCous with corn;
P: fried herb and curry tofu cubes;
V: long-cooked parsnip and carrot chunks; broccoli;
P: daikons pickled in red beet juice;

G: lasagne with garlic, leek mushroom, seitan saute and carrot, red beet, squash puree;
P: seitan in with the lasagne;
S: baked arame pastry rolls;
V: burdock rutabaga kinpira with miso and ginger; cauliflower; pressed chinese cabbage salad with red radishes and lemon;
P: takuan pickles:
D: blueberry lemon CousCous cake with sauce;

Soup: onion, cabbage, grated parsnip with miso and baked Fu;
G: millet with sweet rice porridge with sesame seed sprinkle;
V: steamed leek and carrot chunks;
P: takuan pickles;

G: leftover lasagne and bread with 1) onion, cauliflower, tahini, umeboshi spread; and 2) frozen peas white miso spread;
V: steamed daikon; broccoli;
P: Eden mixed pickles;

G: rice with corn;
P: deep-fried seitan 'cutlets' served with mushroom, onion, miso, ginger gravy;
S: hijiki with leeks and wasabi mustard;
V: sweet and sour red beets; buttercup squash slices; broccoli; fresh salad with raw daikon garnish;
P: Eden mixed pickles;
D: Hunza apricot soup with oatmeal cookies:

Soup: shiitake, leek, wakame, miso;
G: sweet rice, oats and squash with toasted pumpkin seeds;
V: savoy cabbage;
P: red radish pickles;

P: tofu bake with grated onions, celery root, miso, basil, thyme;
S: nori condiment with ginger;
V: red cabbage; brussel sprouts; fresh salad with dressing;

G: wehani rice;
P: baked trout with silken tofu, white miso, hato mugi vinegar, mustard, dill dressing;
V: long-cooked potatoes, leeks, mushrooms; broccoli; corn;
P: red beet pickles;
D: dried fruit soup;

Soup: creamed cauliflower and leek, white miso, umeboshi paste with pea garnish;
G: millet and squash with toasted sunflower seeds;
V: rutabaga; chinese cabbage;

Packed travel Lunches
G: rice ball with nori and umeboshi; rice cake;
P: fried tofu slices with shoyu and ginger;
V: steamed carrot chunks; chinese cabbage rolls;
P: red beet pickles;

More menu samples coming soon!

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