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Sample menu plans

Examples from past Macrobiotic camps & retreats.

Woman's Winter Retreat with Leila - Furusjons Kursgard, Sweden
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Leila and I went to Furusjons Kursgard in the middle of January. It was very, very cold. As you'll see, the selection of vegetables in Sweden in the middle of winter in 1987 was limited. We used squash, cabbages, rutabagas, burdock, and onions that had been stored in the cellar and we used expensive imported broccoli and fresh greens sparingly. We used frozen corn and peas occasionally.

You'll also notice that, since there were at least 2 feet of snow on the ground and more snow falling while we were there, we deep-fried some foods to help everyone stay warm. This was done in a shallow cast iron skillet using canola oil. Today, using canola oil is controversial, but back then it was considered the best oil for frying because of its high-heat tolerance. It's very important that the oil never smokes as it would then be carcinogenic. Once finished, the deep fried food is placed on paper towels on a plate to remove any excess oil.

This camp was for 16 women and although we had a great time and we were greatly appreciated, we were tired at the end of the ten days! I would only recommend the following as a guideline for a personal menu plan as it would need to be adapted depending on leftovers and foods available.

G: millet;
P: deep-fried tempeh chips, blanched peas and carrot flowers with white miso, rice syrup, hato mugi vinegar sauce;
S: shio kombu with garlic and shiitake;
V: long-cooked grated rutabaga with miso; broccoli, frozen corn;
P: red radish pickles;
D: dried fruit soup with blanched almonds;

Soup: leek, cabbage, corn with white miso, umeboshi paste and radish garnish;
G: millet with raisins porridge; bread with smooth spreads:
    1) blanched peas blended with white miso;
    2) cooked apple carrot raisin;
    3) sauteed onions, tahini, ume paste;
V: savoy cabbage; rutabaga;
P: sauerkraut;

G: CousCous with buttercup squash/leftover rutabaga sauce;
P: deep fried Fu rings with ginger dipping sauce; (must pre-soak and flour before frying)
V: red beets; pressed chinese cabbage salad with leek, red radish, cucumber, umeboshi paste, hato mugi vinegar;
P: gurkens;

G: brown and wehani rice;
P: Swedish style pea soup: onions, red onion, parsnips, peas, carrots, with miso, thyme sauce;
S: shio kombu with mushrooms;
V: fried potatoes with garlic, onion, miso; chinese cabbage rolls stuffed with
    1) grated carrot and light hato mugi vinegar
    2) grated daikon and parsley; frozen corn;
P: whole apple and red radish pickles;
D: rosehip soup with rice cake crunchy;

Soup: creamy buttercup squash, miso with takuan and parsley garnish;
G: brown rice and sweet rice porridge with toasted pumpkin seeds;
V: steamed leeks and chinese cabbage saute;

G: bread with spreads:
    1. leftover pea soup;
    2. cauliflower, umeboshi paste;
V: leftover breakfast veggies;
D: peppermint tea;

G: rice;
P: tofu bake with mushrooms, onions, celery root, miso, garlic, parsley, basil;
S: arame with leek and roasted almonds;
V: sweet and sour red beets; blanched broccoli; fresh cucumbers with silken tofu, white miso, grated onion, hato mugi vinegar, dill dressing;
D: Apple kuzu and grain coffee;

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